The Best Stock Trading Advice for Making Money

A stock market refers to place where shares of public listed companies are being widely traded at huge volumes. There are two types of Indian stock market Primary and secondary market. Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) conducts the policies of primary and secondary markets.
Primary market attribute to that market where listed companies float shares to public in IPO (initial public offer) to raise capital, once new securities sold in primary market then they are being exclusively traded in secondary market. This market place refers to place where traders can buy share from registered investors at existing market price or that price where buyer and seller negotiates.
Earlier, stock trading services had to manually interpret the market condition, prepare technical analysis report and then provide suggestion to investors. Now, stock trading advisory services are able to provide viable decision to investors with help of artificial intelligence software and it helps to provide deep insight of global economy. With the advent of artificial intelligence, stock trading firms able to monitor real time stock behavior, compare with historical data of the respective share and also able to predict future trends of that particular share. These artificial intelligence software together with human intelligence able to hedge investor portfolio from volatile market risk.
If you are looking to invest in stock market, first you have to analyze your requirement. An efficient stock trading firm will help you to prepare strong portfolio against prevailing market risk.
Some of the best stock trading advice from prominent stock traders-
• As a investors, you should try to learn stock market terminologies, without adequate knowledge of stock market, you always risk of losing your money and time.
• Don’t listen to conflicting advises from ten different people, stick to your stock trade advisory.
• Best stock trading strategies in real time platform are the collection of process, where investor can opt for appropriate strategy according to portfolio. Since, it is much better option than stock broker. Broker’s commission charge and other miscellaneous charge would cost you heavily.
• Select trading process and option very prudently. Make trading strategies that are more acceptable in stock market to buy and sell shares at appropriate time.
• Stay updated to latest market trends via SMS alerts, 24/7 assistance, subscribe to daily newsletter.
• Always choose from strong performing sectors. Sectors which are outperforming and leading the market on a basis of monthly and weekly chart.
• Always look for good capital stocks (at least 350cr and above 1000cr), keep eyes on volume trades too.
• Always look for trends in quarterly sheets, have insight on debt and book value trends in balance sheet.
• Do not think of making overnight success, reaping profits from stock market is all about execution of right strategies.
• Always prepare substitute plan to safeguard your capital in case investor incur heavy losses.
• Greed and fear are the two most essential human emotions that runs stock market.

If you want to start trading then you can start by yourself or you can take help of any advisory  company. Generally I prefer BAZAAR TRADING, form their advice I earn bigger profit, they provide the best technical and fundamental analysis in stock trading and commodity from experts.

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